Doctoral Studies

PhD admission results 2015

The admission to doctoral studies is organized by the Doctoral School “Automation and Computers” of the University Politehnica of Bucharest in the September 2015 session for the two domains: “Systems Engineering” (SI) and “Computers and Information Technology” (CIT), according to the following program:

Enrollment of the candidates07.09.201525.09.2015

The candidates can perform the specialty examination in one of the following dates:

  • 28 September 10:00 hour, room ED010 for the CTI domain, room ED118  for the SI domain
  • 29 September 10:00 hour, room ED010 for the CTI domain, room ED118  for the SI domain

The juries of the Doctoral School “Automation and Computers” for the 2013 admission session to doctoral studies are:

JURY 1 (Systems Engineering):

  • President: Professor Theodor Borangiu, Ph.D.
  • Members:
    • Professor Dan Popescu, Ph.D.
    • Professor Cristian Oară, Ph.D.
    • Professor Dan Ștefănoiu, Ph.D.

JURY 2 (Computers and Information Technology):

  • President: Professor Nicolae Tapuș, Ph.D.
  • Members:
    • Professor Adina Magda Florea, Ph.D.
    • Professor Valentin Cristea, Ph.D.
    • Professor Florica Moldoveanu, Ph.D.
    • Professor Ștefan Trăușan-Matu, Ph.D.

To be admitted for the doctoral studies program, the candidates will carry out a specialty examination. This specialty examination consists into the oral presentation of their scientific research activities, of the studied bibliography, and of the the research line in which their doctoral thesis would be worked out. The presentation is followed by a Q&A and discussion session of the candidate with the jury. During this session, the candidate’s level of competence and knowledge in the proposed research line will be evaluated by the jury, as well as the candidate’s capacity to highlight the major orientations of the research, to formulate theoretical approaches and experimental solutions for a chosen research subject.

The grade obtained in the specialty examination is the arithmetic average of the grades, from 1 to 10, given by the members of the jury. The general admission grade to the doctoral studies will be computed as the arithmetic average of the specialty examination grade and the weighted average of the candidate’s studies grades, considering the bachelor and master grades. The general admission grade must be at least 8.00 (eight).

The validation of the admission results, signing of the doctoral studies contracts and inscription of the admitted candidates – October 1, 2015.

Contact data for the candidates’ inscription the September 2015 admission session to doctoral studies in the Doctoral School “Automation and Computers” of the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB): the candidates files for the admission session will be brought to the room R 309, UPB Rectorship, secretary Mrs. Cătălina Dărăban, tel., 0214029464, e-mail

The contents of the inscription file:

  • Inscription request
  • Personal inscription form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Declaration
  • List of scientific publications
  • Originals of the following documents:
    • Graduation certificate (license and master)
    • Grade annex
    • Baccalaureate certificate
  • Certified copies (notary) of the following documents:
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of marriage or other official document indicating the change of name (if applicable)
  • Receipt of inscription fee payment
  • Copy of the identity card

The value of the enrollment fee is 200 lei and must be paid at the UPB cashier (Rectorship, ground floor)

USEFUL documents (in Romanian)

  1. “Metodologia privind organizarea si desfasurarea  concursului de admitere la doctorat – anul universitar 2015-2016″ 
  2. “Hotararea Senatului UPB privind aprobarea taxelor aplicabile studiilor universitare de doctorat pentru anul universitar 2015-2016″


The list of PhD supervisors and information about PhD themes

Fundamental domain: Computers and Information Technology

Department of Computer Science (

Prof. VALENTIN CRISTEA  thesis offer
Prof. CIPRIAN DOBRE thesis offer
Prof. ADINA MAGDA FLOREA  thesis offer
Prof. CRISTIAN GIUMALE  thesis offer
Prof. FLORICA MOLDOVEANU  thesis offer
Prof. DRAGOȘ NICULESCU thesis offer
Prof. MIRCEA PETRESCU  thesis offer
Prof. FLORIN POP thesis offer
Prof. RĂZVAN RUGHINIȘ thesis offer
Prof. LUCA DAN SERBANATI  thesis offer
Prof. EMIL SLUSANSCHI thesis offer
Prof. ȘTEFAN TRĂUȘAN-MATU  thesis offer
Prof. NICOLAE ȚĂPUȘ thesis offer
Prof. ADRIANA ȚĂPUȘ thesis offer

Fundamental domain: Systems engineering

Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (

NECULAI ANDREI, PhD thesis offer
Prof. CĂTĂLIN BUIU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. IOAN DUMITRACHE, PhD thesis offer
Prof. BOGDAN DUMITRESCU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. IOAN NECOARĂ, PhD thesis offer
Prof. COSTICA NITU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. CRISTIAN OARĂ, PhD thesis offer
Prof. DUMITRU POPESCU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. DAN STEFANOIU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. MIHAI TERTISCO, PhD thesis offer

Department of Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics (

Prof. THEODOR BORANGIU , PhD thesis offer
Prof. RADU DOBRESCU , PhD thesis offer
Acad. FLORIN FILIP , PhD thesis offer
Prof. MARIUS GURAN, PhD thesis offer
Prof. SERGIU STELIAN ILIESCU , PhD thesis offer
Prof. GABRIEL IONESCU , PhD thesis offer
Prof. TRAIAN IONESCU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. DAN POPESCU, PhD thesis offer
Prof. VALENTIN SGÂRCIU , PhD thesis offer
Prof. AURELIAN MIHAI STĂNESCU , PhD thesis offer