International Cooperation

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (FAC&C) in Bucharest has a tradition of about 25 years in academic and research collaborations with universities and research institutes from all over the world. Cooperation agreements and partnerships were signed with more than 45 universities and research centers from abroad (especially from Europe). The faculty is fully open to new scientific cooperation and academic exchanges worldwide in the fields of Automatic Systems, Computer Science and Information Technology, which can be institutionalized.
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International Cooperation

How to become a
guest student at FAC&C

Professor, Vice-dean IC
ACSE Department

Alexandra CERNIAN
AII Department

Ciprian DOBRE
CS Department

Marioara Alina TUCUNETE
M.Sc. student
CS Department

If you are EU student, you can use the ERASMUS Plus or bilateral agreements with your university (if any).
If you are non EU student, you can use the ERASMUS Mundus or bilateral agreements with your university (if any).
If no agreements can be used, then carefully read the instructions here.
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