The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers offers 4 years B.Sc. programmes in two domains: Computer Science and Information Technology, and Systems Engineering. Inspired by our research competencies, the B.Sc. programmes we offer are focused on creating links between theory and practice and aim to help our students in becoming highly skilled professionals in their chosen domain.

The first two years of study lay a solid foundation for the domain and pave the way to different specialties and modules that follow. The early part of the curricula, with about 80% similar courses between the two domains, comprise courses on mathematics, physics, numerical methods, mechanics, electronic circuits, systems theory. During the same period students learn about systems and computer science general concepts, programming languages and techniques (C, C++, Java, assembly languages) and get training in foreign languages.

In the third and fourth year, the courses of each domain become highly specific, with a blending of theory and practice, software and hardware knowledge, and the possibility to choose from a number of specialization areas. In the Computer Science and Information Technology domain you can choose among the following specialization areas: Computer systems architecture, Embedded systems, System software development, Application software development, Information Technology, while in the domain of Systems Engineering these areas are: Applied informatics and Control systems.

In our faculty, students are taught by academic staff whose vast knowledge, experience and passion for their fields enrich their courses and make their advising a valuable support for the students.