Doctoral Studies

Romanian and EU candidates

The admission of Romanian candidates and of candidates from European Union countries to doctorate studies in the domains:”System Engineering” (SE) and “Computers and Information Technology” (CIT) in the academic year 2017-208 is organized intwo sessions:

Session I with the following program:

  • 26.06 – 30.06.2017: inscription period (Doctorate office UPB, Rectorate room R308)
  • 4.07.2017, 14:00 hour: oral examination in rooms: ED119 (for the doctorate domain System Engineering – SE) and ED010 (for the doctorate domain Computers and IT – CIT), faculty of Automatic Control and Computers and validation of the examination results, signing of doctoral study pre-contracts and inscription of Ph.D. students (Doctorate office UPB, Rectorate room R308)

The examination juries for doctorate admission in session I (June-July) 2017:

Examination Jury for System Engineering

Examination Jury for Computers and IT

  President: Prof. Theodor Borangiu, Ph.D.   President: Professor Nicolae Tăpuş, Ph.D.
  Professor Radu Dobrescu, Ph.D.   Professor Adina Magda Florea, Ph.D.
  Professor Dan Ştefănoiu, Ph.D.   Professor Valentin Cristea, Ph.D.
  Professor Cristian Oară, Ph.D.   Professor Ştefan Trăusan-Matu, Ph.D.
  Secretary: Professor Monica Drăgoicea, Ph.D.   Professor Florica Moldoveanu, Ph.D.
    Secretary: Ph.D. student Cristian Chilipirea

Informations concerning the organizing procedure for doctorate admission in UPB in session I (June-July) 2017:

  1. The fee amount for the inscription in the June-July 2017 Ph.D. admission examination is 150 RON and for the candidates who have graduated a master program in UPB the inscription fee is 100 RON.
  2. The doctorate inscription forms (Annexes 2, 3, and 5) will be distributed to all graduates of UPB master programs at their inscription for dissertation defending at the faculties’ secretariats.
  3. In the dissertation defending period June 26-30, 2017, after the President of the dissertation jury announces the results, the Secretary of the dissertation jury collects the doctorate inscription files of the interested graduates and the inscription fees for which receipts are returned; the candidates are effectively inscribed in the doctorate examination for admission without having to present other documents which exist in the students’ files at the faculty.
  4. The oral examinations for admission in the doctorate programs SE and CIT are held on July 4, 2017 at 14:00 hour, in front of the juries proposed by the Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers. At the end of the examination, the admitted candidates receive from the Secretary of the jury the pre-contract of doctoral studies to be filled in. The final contract of doctoral studies will be filled in and signed by the candidate during the period September 20-30, 2017.

Useful documents:

Session II with the following program:

  • 4.09-20.09.2017: inscription period (Doctorate office UPB, Rectorate room R308)
  • 21.09-22.09.2017: oral examination (rooms: ED119 (SE) and ED010 (CIT), faculty of Automatic Control and Computers) and validation of the examination results, signing of doctoral study contracts and inscription of Ph.D. students (Doctorate office UPB, Rectorate room R308)

The admission to doctorate studies is in the limit of the places granted in the academic year 2017-2018 by:

  1. The Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research (MENCS) for doctorate studies funded from the budget in the form of doctoral scholarships;
  2. UPB, as Institution Organizing Doctorate Studies, for doctorate studies with fees.

Occupying the places funded from fees is confirmed by the payment of the first fee fraction and signing of the doctoral studycontract at the due dates specified by the inscription procedure of the University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Inscription of the candidates

The number of doctoral places allocated to the Doctoral school Automatic Control and Computers (SD_AC) for admission in the two funding modes (from the budget and with fees) for the academic year 2017-2018 will be announced in the websites of the faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (A&C) and of its Doctoral school.

Only the graduates of master programs or programs equivalent to master ones are allowed to apply for doctorate studies in SE and CIT. The graduates of licence programs or programs equivalent to license who have obtained their diplomas before the graduation of the first series of undergraduate studies organized in conformity with the Law no. 288/2004 (long duration learning) have the right to participate in the Ph.D. admission examination without having obtained a post-graduate or master diploma. Graduates of higher education studies performed abroad and recognized by the specialty departments of the Ministry of Education as master studies may also participate in the examination for doctorate studies in the SE and CIT domains.

The inscription for Ph.D. admission in the SE and CIT domain scan be done regardless of the domain in which the candidate has obtained her/his final diploma of long duration university education, post-graduate or master cycle. .

The Romanian candidate or the candidate from an EU country for Ph.D. study in one of the SE and CIT doctorate domains will bring to the Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers (Doctorate office UPB, Rectorate room R308) an inscription file containing the following documents:

  1. Inscription request (Annex 2)
  2. Personal inscription form (Annex 3)
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. List of publications
  5. Original documents and copies:
    • graduation diplomas (license, master);
    • add-ons to diplomas (license, master)
    • baccalaureate diploma
    • certificate of birth
    • wedding certificate or other document attesting the change of name (if necessary)
    • Note: The certification of conformity with the originals for the copies included in the candidate’s file must be done by authorized people
  6. Payment receipt of the inscription fee
  7. Copy of the identity card.
  8. Declaration on own liability that the candidate did not benefit in the past from a Ph.D. student position funded from the budget (Annex 5)
  9. The fee amount for the inscription in the Ph.D. admission examination is 200 RON payable at the UPB cashier. For the candidates who inscribe themselves for the Session I (July 2017), the fee is 150 RON. According to the law, the children of teaching staff and auxiliary teaching staff active or retired are exempted from paying the inscription fee, based on proving documents.

Running the admission examination

The examination for the admission in the Ph.D. study program consists of an oral presentation of the candidate’s research activity, of the bibliography studied, and of a scientific direction in which the doctoral thesis would be finalised. This presentation is followed by a clarifying discussion of the candidate with the members of the examination jury in the doctorate domain (SE or CIT).

During the examination stage, the candidates are evaluated in what concerns their professional level and knowledge in the domain, the capacity to assess major orientations in the proposed research and the capacity to formulate solutions and working out methods and tools (theoretical and experimental) for a research theme.

Each member of the examination jury gives the candidate a mark (integer) from 1 to 10. The examination score obtained by the candidate is the average of the marks from 1 to 10 given by all members of the examination jury. The general admission score is calculated as the average of the examination score and the general grade of the years of study (the latter being calculated considering the number of years of licence and master studies). The resulting general admission score must be at least 8.00 (eight). If the ranking of several candidates having obtained the same general admission score is necessary, the following criteria are used, in the order: a) the highest examination score first; b) the average grade of the license studies.

The general admission scores are put on show at the office of the Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers (UPB Rectorate, 3rd floor room R308) at the end of the examination day for each session I and II (July and September). Eventual denials of the examination results should be expressed within 24 hours from the announcement of admission results, in written form at the Doctoral school’s office. The lists of candidates who have obtained scholarships are made public only after the termination of Session II.

Contact information for the inscription of candidates in the Ph.D. admission sessions (July and September 2017): the candidate files for admission in the doctorate studies SE and CIT will be brought at the SD_AC office in the Rectorate building, 3rd floor, room R308, secretary Mrs. Cătălina Dărăban, phone +40 21 4029464, e-mail:


Candidates from non-EU countries

Inscription of the candidates

  1. The foreign candidate, citizen of a non-European Union country who intends to follow one of the doctorate study programs ”Computers and Information Technology” (CIT) or ”System Engineering” (SE) will send directly by fax (+40 21 3170912) or e-mail ( to the Doctoral school Automatic Control and Computer Science of the University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) or indirectly, via the Ministry of National Education (if the candidates are included in a Ph.D. support program in their countries of origin) a request in English signed and dated, asking to be admitted in one of these two Ph.D programs. This request will be accompanied by the following documents in English:
    1. Letter of intention, in which the candidate specifies the doctorate domain (SE or CIT), the subject (area) of interest and eventually the scientific coordinator.
    2. Graduation certificates (bachelor and master degrees) with grades, from which it results that the candidate has obtained at least 70% of the total ranking for each of these two study programs.
    3. Certificate attesting the knowledge of English language. The candidate will present one of the following certificate with grades:
      • TOEFL CBT (with score greater than 235);
      • TOEFL PBT (with score greater than 575);
      • TOEFL IBT (with score greater than 100);
      • Cambridge/ESOL (at least level C1);
      • IELTS (with score greater than 6.5).
    4. CV and list of scientific publications, participation in scientific projects, patents.
    5. Two letters of recommendation from university professors with whom she/he has worked.
  2. A file with these documents will be prepared by the candidate and sent to the Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computer Science at the correspondence address:Doctoral school of Automatic Control and Computers University Politehnica of Bucharest Rectorate Room 308 313 Splaiul Independentei, sector 6, Bucharest, 060042 Romania

Running the admission examination

  1. The doctoral school Automatic Control and Computers analyses the candidate’s file and decides to accept or reject the candidate’s request. If the request is accepted, the candidate will be notified and contacted to agree upon the date at which she / he will do the interview for admission in the doctorate program.
  2. The candidate participates in the interview for admission in the SE or CIT doctorate program.
  3. If the candidate is admitted, the Doctoral school Automatic Control and Computers assigns a scientific coordinator for the candidate and informs the candidate about being in principle admitted in the doctorate program of study in one of the domains SE or CIT.
  4. The effective admission of the candidate in the program of doctorate study is conditioned by the Doctoral school receiving the candidate’s file with all documents in original and legal translation by October 1st of the current year