Dean’s Message

Following a tradition of over 45 years, our faculty prides itself on achieving excellence in teaching and research activities in two domains: “Computer Science and Information Technology” and “Systems Engineering”. The prestige of the Faculty is confirmed by the National Ranking official classification, conducted in 2011, when the faculty was classified in the first place at national level. Building up on the existing institutional capacity and on the reputation gained over time, the strategy of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers is committed to:

  • providing an excellent learning, training and research environment;
  • maintaining its national leadership position and increasing its international prestige;
  • strengthening cooperation with other academic communities, national and abroad.

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers is organized into three Departments: Department of Computer Science, Department of Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics, Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, comprising more than 150 teachers of whom over 40 are full professors. The Doctoral Schoolof the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers includes a total of 29 Ph.D. advisors and over 200 doctoral students in training. Each year, our faculty opens its doors to approximately 3,400 new students, in the 4 years undergraduate programme, the 2 years M.Sc. programme, and the Ph.D. studies. In the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers the students have the opportunity to attend a study program where modern theoretical aspects are combined with practical excellence and innovative skills training. The students benefit from a competitive learning environment where they can develop their creativity, scientific and technical initiative, their talent and ability to become true specialists in their chosen profession. Passionate students with outstanding learning results benefit from scholarships or fellowships for excellence, participate in national and international professional competitions, can benefit from Erasmus internships at prestigious universities abroad, and they can contribute to research excellence within the Faculty by being part of research groups comprising teachers and students at Bachelor, Master or PhD levels. We pride ourselves on an outstanding teaching staff consisting of experienced professors who have proven excellence in teaching during the formation of many generations of great engineers, together with young professionals at the beginning of their academic career who bring the enthusiasm and the dynamic of the new generation. Maintaining excellence in research is one of the main priorities of the Faculty, the scientific research addressing leading issues in computer science and engineering and automated systems. The Faculty houses prestigious research centers and laboratories, equipped to European standards, such as the National Center for Information Technology which includes the High Performance Computing Center, the Center for Research and Training in Robotics and Industrial Informatics Engineering; the Center for Automation and Process Control; the Dynamic systems Lab. Consistent research results obtained over time by the staff working in these centers and laboratories are constantly appreciated nationally and abroad, both by the academia and the industry. The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers maintains close working relationships with prestigious companies such as IBM (e-Business Academy, e-Government), Intel, Microsoft (Innovation Center), CISCO (CISCO Academy), ORACLE, Freescale, IXIA, Rockwell Automation, Altran, UTI, IPA and others. Cooperation with these companies is conducted through common research and training laboratories, student internships, joint information sessions, and technical or professional competitions dedicated to the students. Over time, we have established close relationships with prestigious universities in Europe, USA and Asia, through exchanges of teachers and students, joint research programs, joint educational programs at M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels, and through joint scientific events. We welcome you to join an elite community where you have every chance of achieving a solid professional development, harmonious personal development, and where multiple sound perspectives for your future career abound.

Prof. Mihnea Moisescu - Dean