Computer Science Department

Department Head: Professor Emil Ioan Slusanschi
Department website:
The Computer Science Department represents a research and education center for specialists in the “Computer Science and Information Technology” domain, offering high-level knowledge and skills to graduates in the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes offered by the Department. The Department covers specialized courses in computer science and engineering for its own students and introductory courses to computer science and computer programming for the students in the other faculties of the university.
Phone/fax  +(40)21 402 91 94
Secretariat of the Department: Room ED100


Automatic Control and Systems Engineering Department

Department Head: Professor Cristian Oara
Department website:
Main aims and objectives: training human resources in the field of automation and systems engineering, the production of knowledge in the Systems Science, Automation and Industrial Informatics areas; the design and development of products and technologies for process control; consultancy, evaluation and technical assistance. 
Phone: +(40)21 402 91 67;
Fax: +(40) 21 402 95 87
Secretariat of the Department: Room ED216


Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics Department

Department Head: Professor Anca Daniela Ionita
Department website:
The Department has as main objectives the training of human resources in the field of automatic control and industrial informatics, providing specialized courses, carrying on high-quality research activity, providing consultancy and evaluation in the targeted areas.
Phone:  +(40)21 402 92 69
Secretariat of the Department: Room ED413