Office for Academic – Industry Relations (BiRME)


The Office for Academic – Industry Relations activates within the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, supporting initiatives of partnership between the Faculty and companies in the IT&C industry, and the design and implementation of collaborative projects.


  • Facilitating academic – industry collaboration and implementation of joint projects;
  • Ensuring transparency in Faculty projects and partnerships;
  • Increasing the impact of Faculty partnerships and projects;
  • Enhancing result sustainability, by:
    • Developing stable relations with industry partners;
    • Developing community traditions through events with repeated / annual editions;
    • Large-scale utilization of public resources created in Faculty projects.


  • Facilitating the administrative tasks in partnership organization:
    • Elaborating standardized partnership agreements;
    • Elaborating procedures for internal evaluation and assessment of joint projects;
    • Documenting past and current collaboration initiatives.
  • Constant information flows within the Faculty concerning:
    • Opportunities for academic – industry collaboration;
    • Ongoing projects (within the Faculty, UPB, other relevant organizations);
    • Past and current partnerships involving our Faculty.
  • Familiarizing potential industry partners with the Faculty:
    • Inviting industry experts to participate in Faculty events;
    • Organizing special occasions focused on academic – industry communication;
    • Documenting Faculty activity for industry partners.
  • Maintaining a climate of debates and discussions concerning academic – industry collaboration.


  • Academic – Industry Roundtable, A&C Brokerage Event, 19 October 2012
  • Academic – Industry Roundtable, 14 March 2013