Professional development

The cooperation with the IT and automation industry represents one of the priorities of the faculty. The partnerships established with large companies but also with SMEs are essential in the professional development of the students in domains so dynamic as those of computer science, IT and control systems.

In our faculty, a number of teaching and research laboratories in partnership with companies exists:

  • Linux IBM Competency Center
  • IBM e-Government Laboratory
  • Microsoft Inovation Center UPB
  • Academia Cisco UPB
  • Intel Student Open Lab
  • Academia LabVIEW-National Instruments
  • IxLab – IXIA
  • Oracle Laboratory
  • 3DUPB Gameloft Learning Center
  • Laboratory in partnership with Nokia
  • Laboratory in partnership with Freescale
  • Laboratory in partnership with HP
  • Laboratory in partnership with Rockwell Automation
  • Laboratory in partnership with Altran
  • Laboratory in partnership with UTI
  • Laboratory in partnership with IPA

CISCO Academy

CISCO Academy is a space where learning is done through practice and communication. The courses efficiently transmit the technological information – but not only that. Through the work of instructors even outside the Academy, they are daily in contact with the flow of changes in technology and the IT market in Romania. Since the establishment of the Academy, some instructors have been working for RoEduNet, one of the largest ISPs in Romania. In addition, as teaching assistants or students of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in UPB, they are at the center of a hub of information where they constantly tackle new problems, indications of future trends, and current questions. The Cisco Networking Academy Program aims to educate students for a successful IT career in the immediate future. In short, Cisco Academy is the place where you will definitely continue to come, out of curiosity and pleasure. If you have a question to which there is an answer, you will definitely receive it – from trainers or even from your colleagues.

More information is available online at

Microsoft Academic Program

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in UPB has organized, for over eight years now, the Microsof Academic Program. Through this program, students of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers can benefit from the MSDN Academic Alliance, from presentations of Microsoft Student Partners, the courses developed under the IT Academy and many other similar events.

National Instruments LabVIEW Academy Program

In 2010, the first LabVIEW Academy of Romania was established in the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Department of Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics. It is currently one of the biggest such academy in Eastern Europe. Following this programme, the students have access to teaching and research software and hardware resources, based on National Instruments technologies. They have also the possibility to become certified as specialists in virtual instrumentation systems through the LabVIEW exam – Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD). With the support of LabVIEW Student Ambassadors, our students have the opportunity to improve their capacity of developing complex measurements systems and control systems, during a series of dedicated workshops.