The Students League of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers - LSAC - is an apolitical non-governmental and non-profit student organization that works on a voluntary basis and, through its activities, trains the students of this college in order to achieve an elite professional and social community of young people passionate about computers and automatic control. The organization was founded by college students in May-June 1990. LSAC is a founding member of the Federation of the National Students Union of Romania (UNSR), thus contributing to the students’ rights of representation at a national level.

LSAC’s objective is to find concrete, applicable solutions to problems facing the current higher education system. LSAC aims to provide a legal framework in which students, in a democratic way, can take a stand on various aspects of the student and social life, to achieve cohesion between students. Acting constructively, LSAC seeks to maintain an intellectual environment that supports effective ideas in order to achieve, as fast as possible, the Romanian higher education competitiveness in relation to other educational systems.

Furthermore, LSAC aims to provide students with activities and complementary applied professional training opportunities and direct contact with the environment in which they will serve as future specialists. It tries to contribute to the formation of future engineers with broad intellectual views, with enhanced professional, entrepreneurship and managerial skills.

Among LSAC’s achievements there is the organization of various events, for example Opening Day, Freshman Ball, Lan Party, M.O.F.T, Dialogue with Personalities, Automatiada, LSAC Christmas, Job Fair, IT’s LIFE festival and so forth. LSAC also actively collaborates with UNSR by the involvement in events conducted by it, such as the Job Fair, Photo Contest, UNSR Volunteer’s Week, Blood Donation, the Student DNA and Studentiada, the largest annual national festival dedicated to students.

More details about the LSAC can be found here.